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This story, named The Incurables, takes place in present day coastal country in Latin America. The country - which happens to have great kitesurfing - has been through a violent history of civil wars. In these wars, many women human rights activists have disappeared. I have heard stories that some of the disappeared were captured and then dropped miles into the ocean from government helicopters. These lost female spirits linger there and are uniquely tied to the moods of the sea. The disappeared find ways to haunt the living. They express themselves through the elements of the ocean: the lightening, the storms, the waves - the surf. Another - through this writer's pen. Although the country is at peace from war now, the uneasiness from the past, from the restless and broken spirits, lingers in the present: addiction invades the surf communities. The Incurables, the surfers battling addiction, live on - but they also love strong, laugh hard, and share stories to survive in the day to day of this life. This portion of the site introduces you to this story - visually and literally. I hope to publish it or film it. If you would like more info, please email me at

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